Tips For Saving Your Whatsapp Account From Being Hacked

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With over 1 billion active users, Whatsapp is one of the most popular messengers. People share images, texts and personal information between one another over the messenger daily. This makes Whatsapp very vulnerable to hacking attacks. Whatsapp hacken has become one of the most common problems for its users as hackers have been breaking into the system to steal information. The following are some things that you can do to prevent hackers from accessing your profile-

  • Protect it with app lock – Most of the basic Whatsapp hacking techniques require that the hacker should have access to your Whatsapp account and device for at least once to initiate the attack. This can easily be prevented by installing app locks and securing the application with a password. If your phone has already got a fingerprint sensor, the level of security is already enhanced. It might feel tiring at the start as you will have to enter a password every time you open it but it is worth it as your account will be secure. Locking your Whatsapp account with face unlock isn’t the most reliable way as they are still in the development phase and cannot be trusted with sensitive information.
  • Always log out of your account – Whatsapp also has a desktop version that is used by a lot of people. These people often forget to log out of their accounts before shutting it out. The web version is a lot more vulnerable than the one found in mobile phones, as it can’t have 2-factor authorization and encryption techniques that Whatsapp uses in its mobile application. Due to this, a lot of hackers try to hack the account of users that are hooked on the desktop version. Always choose a strong password and log out of your account from the system as soon as you stop using it. Also, it is advised that you shouldn’t save passwords of Whatsapp on 3rd party browsers and shared desktops.
  • 2-factor authorization – This is one of the most advanced and latest security features offered by Whatsapp. As of now this feature is available across all the mobile devices and is automatically turned on by default. To access this, you need to go to settings then click on the account and choose the 2 step verification. Now, you will have to set up a password, set it up and provide an email account for recovery purposes. Now, all your chats will be encrypted and linked to your email account which will make it a lot tough for hackers to bypass the security and access your account.

What to do if your account gets hacked?

Even after countless measures to prevent that from happening, hackers can still manage to get hold of your account. The first thing is to notify your contacts about this as the hacker might try to scam them or send them malicious links. Next, you should inform the Whatsapp support team about the problem and tell them every minute detail about the problem. They will try to get your account back. If that doesn’t work either, you can try deleting and reinstalling Whatsapp or simply delete your account and create a new one. 

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