Tips for Choosing the Best Floor Jacks for the Money

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You likely already know the big comfort in having a properly working jack floor, if you do any kind of work on your automobile. When it comes to selecting the best floor jacks for the money, it can prove to be a difficult decision when you have so many models.

Selecting the best floor jack seems to be very simple – that is until you start your search and swiftly get overawed by all the options. There are budget floor jacks, smaller car jacks, high-lift jacks, low profile jacks, 2-ton, aluminum jacks, 3-ton, as well as heavy-duty floor jacks to name a few.

Also referred to as trolley jacks because of the rolling frame they are attached to, rolling hydraulic floor jacks are easy to transfer around your driveway, garage, or workshop and are known for being quite flexible as well as constant.

An important thing to note is that a lot of floor jacks obtainable today are manufactured overseas. It is possible to buy American made floor jacks, but you will have to pay an average of triple or more the price of one. Even though we would like to endorse American produced jacks, it doesn’t make any financial sense since there seems to be small proof that such a jack functions better.

When shopping for the best floor jacks for the money here are some of the most important factors to weigh:

  1. Type

There’s 2 main types of floor jacks, which are mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks. Both kinds of jacks are built in a way that lets the turning force of a handle/screw up/down to be increased several times into a lifting force that’s much stronger. As the name suggests a mechanical jack uses the mechanic advantage as well as simple machines. Meanwhile, hydraulic jacks use pistons, hydraulic fluid, and pressure chambers.

There’s pros and cons of both main types of jacks. Mechanical jacks usually include with a roadside assistance kit for vehicles. The main benefit is they’re lightweight, compact, and need no on-going maintenance. The scissor jack is the most popular kind of mechanical floor jack. It uses a central screen operation to change rotational input force to linear lifting force. The big drawback is they usually contain a small base, which makes them less stable.

Then there’s hydraulic jacks. These include bottle jacks and trolley jacks. Trolley jacks usually have 4 wheels that let the jack be moved easily into place. Meanwhile, bottle jacks don’t have wheels and are usually round like a bottle. These jacks are usually more efficient at moving input motion to lifting force/motion. There are different models to pick from.

  1. Lifting Speed

Do you have the need for speed? Standard jacks take in 8-10 strokes of a lifting bar. If you want your floor jack to reach full height in 3 o 6 strokes then a jack with a quick lift system or dual lifting pistons would be the best option.

  1. Design Profile

Floor jacks are designed with a standard or low profile. What’s the difference? A low profile unit lets you roll it under vehicles like sports cars that have a low ride height.

  1. Construction Material

Floor jacks consist of either aluminum or steel. In the case you’re going to mainly use the floor jack in your garage you should consider a steel jack. Meanwhile, an aluminum floor jack is a better option if you have to move the unit from one place to another.

  1. Lifting Range

Each floor jack contains a minimum lifting range and height. If you must lift a car/truck a high distance from the ground or the lifting points are very high due to big tires, then a high-lifting range floor jack is a good option.

  1. Safety Features

Make sure to pick a floor jack that has various safety features to provide you with the best experience. There’s other features to consider but remember ‘safety first’ is a good rule.

  1. Lifting Capacity

This is easily the most important feature to consider when picking a floor jack. This is about how much weight can be safely lifted using the floor jack. Hydraulic floor jacks that are hand-operated from 1.5 tons to 20 tons. When picking a floor jack it’s important the unit can do the lifting you need to do.

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