Some Tips To Help You Teach Your Kids How To Ride Mini Dirt Bikes

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People often buy mini dirt bikes for their kids at an early age to teach them how to ride from a young age. This will make them aware of dos and don’ts at an early age and stay safe on the road. There are a lot of manufacturers that make these bikes but it is advised that you should learn about this on RocksForKids before you buy one. The following are some tips that you can follow to easily teach your kids to ride a mini dirt bike.

  • Start with a flat track

The first thing is track selection. Make sure that you start with a soft and flat track, preferably a garden or a park. This will minimize the injury and make it easier for them to learn balancing and basic controls. Make sure to supervise it daily so that you can correct them whenever they are doing something wrong.

  • Avoid using support wheels

Unless you are giving a bike to a kid under 5 years of age, it isn’t recommended to install support wheels. This is because over time, your kid will be relying on them and will not be learning to balance on their own and as balancing is the main point of focus, it will just slow down the learning process. Riding without support will give them confidence and they won’t ever hesitate to take new steps.

  • Start with a less powerful bike

Going with a beast of a bike during the learning stage is never a good idea. To start the training, get a less powerful bike for your kid. This is because it will be easier for them to catch on basic controls and balancing with them. The low powered bike is also safe and lightweight and you can make them comfortable for young kids to ride on.

  • Take one step at a time

When it comes to learning, you should never rush things. For starters, make your kids familiar with different parts of the bike and how they work. Then get them to a field and teach them how to start a bike and gear shifting. Taking things slow will give them time to get comfortable and properly understand all the different aspects of riding a dirt bike.

  • Promote protective gears

Kids are attracted to fancy stuff and you can easily influence them into wearing proper protective gear always. Buy cool gears for them and teach them the importance of these gears in the safety of the rider.

  • Get into large open spaces to teach turns

Turns are usually the hardest parts to learn while riding. Take your kid to a large open field to teach them this. Start with a slight turn to either direction and slowly increase the difficulty of turn’s every day.

  • Motivate them if they crash

When your kids are learning, it is almost 100% sure that they will crash a few times here and there. In such cases, never scold them as it will decrease their confidence. Instead, you should boost their morale by telling them that it’s fine to crash and that is a part of the learning process.  

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