Logo Design – Everything You Need to Know

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Do you know what makes an excellent logo? And also, how can you go about designing the best logo for a product, brand or business? This article is centred on providing answers to the questions above and much more. First, it is important that we realize that most people surfing this page are in search of a free logo design and download to help them create a logo for their newly established business, then perhaps have it refined or redesigned when it has expanded over the years. We have listed some of the best apps for logo design below that will help in the creation of a logo that suits your budget, and in some instances, it is all for free.

Why logo design is important

It is important you are aware of the fact that your logo is not just another graphic design. It is more than that, it represents you, and it’s the first point of contact for your business or brand with the outside world. If people are in tune with your branding, there is every chance whatever you are offering them will appeal to them. Great logo design requires a complex blending of creative theory, design skills and skillful application. Any graphic designer that knows his/her way around the craft is capable of creating a logo for any business, but to master the craft, it will require much time and perseverance.

The best logo makers

There is no way that an application for logo design will create a masterpiece when branding. Most people are in search of a cheap, quick logo that has some symbols or icons that relates to what the company stands for, then hire the services of an agency or professional graphic designer to create something iconic. Below you will find five different logo makers that are of good value, sophisticated and fast.


This is a browser-based graphics designing suite that features great tools that are useful for designing logos. There is no doubt that it cannot be compared to the versatility of Adobe Creative Cloud, but the wide variety of tools, simplicity and inspirational learning assets are what makes this tool useful to design a logo for your brand or business.


Unlike other logo makers will not just provide for you a logo, it will provide you with a full branding bundle with its browser-based design software. This tool has no pre-made logos, and it is very simple to use. It is important you are aware of the fact that the platform is powered by artificial intelligence for designing something unique for every user.


This is a super simple tool that is similar to Web 1.0, but it provides simple, neat designs at an affordable price. It provides a transparent, square and cropped versions of your logo when it has signed off, and you are offered vector and bitmap version of your logos all at a single cost.


This is a very popular website builder, but you will also find a great logo maker amongst its browser-based web tools. It is free to use, and its designs can be used on most social accounts, and you can download the designs in SVG and PNG file formats.

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