Importing from China: Understanding the Basics

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You do not actually require having a standard knowledge of the import and export business right before starting out an export and import business with the businesspersons in China, what is required is some form of familiarity with the style with which business is conducted in China. For individuals or companies that want to begin importation from China, it is important that they will be guided by an article on the Sourcingbro website about the proper business etiquette.

  1. Be patient.

A number of Chinese businesspersons, as well as the government, are not still in possession of the necessary experience that is required to conduct international business transactions. Negotiations can be either slow or quick depending on how the risks of the transactions are viewed and how strong the relationships have been established with the company abroad.

  1. Build up a relationship.

It is important you are aware of the fact that a secure and strong business relationship with a Chinese businessperson begins with a personal relationship that has gone through trust and security validation right before proceeding further to business. It is not only the business or the money that is the primary consideration when you want to influence relationships; it entails dependability, trustworthiness, and understanding.

  1. Have local contacts

Company representatives or foreign companies negotiating with Chinese businesspersons on the importation of products from the shores of China will be seen on the same level if only these representatives or businesspersons are conversant with the Chinese language.

Whenever you start your business in importing products from China, It is important that you explore your options on how to source it. About Twenty years ago, if you wanted to source your products, you have no other option but to rely on trade publications to provide you with information about suppliers and manufacturers. These days it is important that you are aware of the several resources that can assist you in finding the information that you required in order to source for products.

It is without a doubt that various online directories can be utilized such as the; these websites can assist in getting you information on hundreds of Chinese suppliers as well as thousands of products from the listed suppliers. Many products categories are made available for you to choose from like electronic gadgets, finished goods, patio furniture, motorcycles, as well as unfinished goods like capacitors or car speakers.

Whenever you make use of an online directory, do not forget to verify and check the steps taken by the directory owner in order to ensure and verify that the suppliers are genuine and real companies. Suppliers listed on the certain sites are visited at least three times. The visit was by their personnel in order to make sure that the companies are genuine, unlike the operators that are out to defraud people of their hard-earned money.

Other than these online directories, you can also get to meet with suppliers at trade shows. This offers you the opportunity to encounter different suppliers in person as well as get to experience their products for yourself. There are Chinese contributors to European and U.S. Trade shows, though they are few in number. The Trade shows in mainland China and Hong Kong have greater exhibitors, so you might think of investing in that. It is more like a treat when traveling to Hong Kong, it is easy compared to other Asian countries since English is spoken there, and it would be pleasure and business at the same time.

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