Essential Considerations for Buying the Best Pomades for Men 2018

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When it comes to good-looking hair, a lot more than genetics comes into play. While it’s a fact that having thick, thinning, or curly hair has a lot to do with your ancestry, the quality of your hair styling and the way the hair is styles also have a major role to play. When it comes to pomades for men, the good news is that there is a long list of the best pomades for men 2018 on hairsnerd, so you are spoilt for choice.

However, there are a few things to consider when buying pomade.

  1. What Type of Pomade?

Ideally, there are two types of pomade, water-based and oil-based.

Oil-based pomades

These are produced from mineral oil base and they’ve been in production for a long time. Oil-based pomades have assisted a lot of men in getting a well-groomed, shiny look. Normally, they are usually less expensive than water-based pomades, but one disadvantage of using them is the tendency to clog your pores while depriving your hair of natural oil. Also, due to their oil content, they are more difficult to wash out. Notwithstanding these minuses, oil-based pomades still do a good job on your hair.

Water-based pomades

Usually, it’s hard to find a water-based pomade that gives a better hold than an oil-based one. The major advantage of water-based pomades over oil-based pomades – besides the fact that you can wash them off your hair more easily than oil-based pomades – is that they allow you to restyle your hair all through the day. Your hair will also have a less-greasy look. The only downside is that they are more expensive than oil-based pomades.

  1. What Type of Hold?

Pomades provide an extensive range of holds. The ones with a high-hold akin to that of gels leave your hair in place albeit with a crunchy feeling. You’ll also have some flexibility, although somewhat limited, to work with and restyle your hair.

A lot of pomades provide medium-to-low hold. These are usually the water-based (and more expensive ones), which are the best choice for men.

However, the majority of pomades provide medium-to-high hold. The good thing about this is that it gives a firm hold without being too stiff. Going out on a windy day and getting your hairstyle blown in different directions will be the least of your worries.

  1. What Type of Hair?

Just like with purchasing other hair products, buying pomades also depends largely on the type of hair. Let’s take a look at different types of hair and the most suitable pomade for each hair type:

Wavy hair – Pomade could be a great choice for men with wavy hair. First off, pomade adds the needed moisture to maintain a healthy and radiant-looking hair. Although, you might have to apply a hairspray for some extra hold. For those with longer waves, a styling cream should come in handy.

Short hair – For a slick, combed style, a good pomade should do the trick.

Straight hair – Pomades works brilliantly for men with straight hair, as do most hair products. However, some pomades may not be able to provide the volume and amount of lift you require, so clay or wax may be your best bet.

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