Educate Yourself About LSAT And Get The Best Score

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Law school admission test (LSAT) is an exam given by the students who want to get admission in law schools. These schools have to be approved by the American bar association (ABA) and they require LSAT score. Many schools which are not approved by ABA and some Canadian law schools also ask for LSAT score to provide admission to students.

The test is divided into four sections. The first one will be reading comprehension, in which the applicant has to answer the questions about the passage which they read as per the question paper. Second is analytical reasoning, this section tests the applicant’s ability to solve logic games. The third and fourth sections are logical reasoning, where applicants are supposed to complete the arguments after analyzing them. Many students feel the pressure due to which they are not able to prepare well. In such a case, it is best to take guidance from a great tutor for the LSAT.


The raw score is the total number of answers given by the applicant. A unique LSAT score conversion chart is applied to convert raw score to LSAT score. Generally, scoring scale ranges from 120 to 180. The lowest score is 120 and the highest score is 180. The logical difficulty is increased each year having the same number of questions. An LSAT conversion chart is adjusted accordingly to the level of difficulty in each exam since it would be difficult for the law schools to provide admission if the scoring scale differs since the exam is conducted four times a year. This adjustment is called the equating process.

Tips for preparation

As the first step in preparation, you have to register yourself for LSAT and block the test date. Once you block the date, create a schedule for reading. Remember you may need at least two to three months for preparation. 4-5 days a week, 2-3 hours per day is a must. Once you have decided on the schedule, you must look for quality materials for study and follow your schedule for the preparation. If you are finding difficulty in following a fixed routine, you can also take up online preparation courses with predefined schedules.

You have to practice as much as you can to get the familiarity for the question paper pattern. Focus more on logical reasoning, your weak areas and don’t ignore the sample writing section. Once you feel you are confident, take mock exams to test yourself.

Things to keep in mind while writing tests

Give every question the same value, irrespective of its difficulty level. If you give more than 6 minutes for a question, you will potentially lose two easier questions. The main thing is you have to get going to the next question. No negative marking is there but make sure to read every word carefully, especially in logical questions that may mislead you if you miss a word. Understand the formal logic basics thoroughly. Draw sketches for the logic games which will help you in avoiding wrong answers.

LSAT is the key score for getting admission to any law school so keep these tips in mind and write the exam. Depending on your scores, you may even get scholarships.

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