3 Essential Reasons Why the Best Survival Knife is Important

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Proper training is required when it results to using a survival knife. The recommendation is that your read whatever you can lay your hands on about survival skills, sign up for classes if necessary and watch as many videos as you can on the internet on the subject. It is important you are aware that education does not only makes you a lot effective when using your survival knife, it also ensures your safety. There are 3 essential reasons that have you utilizing the best survival knife, it is advised that you are familiar with all 3 just in case you are caught up in a situation where one or if not all of the three is required.


Just in case you require of a weapon, your survival can be of great assistance. Some weapons that your survival knife can help you with include arrows, fishing hooks, and spears. In addition, your survival knife can assist you in making snares or traps and do not forget that on capturing your food your survival knife will help you in skinning in preparation for consumption.

Build a Fire

It is very important to know how to create fire. Fire will be of assistance in providing light and in cooking your food. Your survival will help you in cutting tree branches you will use in creating fire, making shavings to use as tinder and to collect kindling. You can use a carbon steel blade, which is also referred to as a spark rod to help in creating a spark.

Self Defense

Hiding Rambo against a wall of mud is not the pictorial representation of what self-defense means or perhaps commando’s style of slicing someone neck. Your survival can rather assist you with creating snares and traps to give your distance ahead of anything is attempting to attack you. Without a doubt, a survival knife can cause some damages of its own but investing time into training will pay off when considering the factor of self-defense.

You can secure anything you need alive with the best survival knife, you might even be so good with your survival skill that you will find no need to hurry back to civilization.

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